How to Attach Your Backpack to Luggage Handles: Best Guide in 2024

As you prepare for your next trip, you want to make navigating airports and travel as easy as possible. One useful travel hack is attaching your backpack to your luggage handles so you only have to pull one bag. This allows you to keep your hands free for checking in, using your phone, or carrying coffee. 

Attaching your backpack to your luggage also prevents it from falling off your shoulder. It also keeps it from getting lost. Plus, it prevents back strain from the extra weight. In just a few simple steps, you can securely attach your backpack to your luggage and simplify your travel experience.

Read on to learn how to properly attach your backpack to luggage handles for your next trip.

Selecting the Right Backpack for Attaching to Luggage

Selecting the Right Backpack for Attaching to Luggage

When choosing a backpack to attach to your luggage, there are a few important factors to consider. First, select a backpack designed for attaching to luggage. It should have built-in straps or clips to securely fasten the two together. Standard backpacks may be difficult to attach and can slip off easily.

Look for a backpack that distributes weight evenly. Also, look for one that compresses items inside to avoid an awkward, bulky shape. A streamlined backpack will be easier to navigate through crowded airports. It won’t cause your luggage to become off-balance or tip over. 

Consider the size of your luggage and choose a backpack that is proportional. An oversized backpack attached to a small suitcase may be unstable for school child. On the other hand, a small backpack attached to a large piece of luggage could look out of proportion. For most standard sized luggage, a backpack in the range of 15 to 25 liters should suit your needs. 

Durability and weather-resistance are important factors. This is especially true if you will be traveling to diverse locations. Look for a backpack made of water-repellent fabrics. It should have reinforced stitching that can withstand some wear and tear. Padded shoulder straps will make it more comfortable to carry. They are comfortable even when attached to your luggage.

Select a suitable backpack with the proper precautions. Then, attach it to your luggage. This will make navigating a busy airport much easier. It keeps your hands free and essential items close at hand. The right choice will serve you well on all of your travels.

Choosing Compatible Luggage for Handle Attachment

To properly attach your backpack to luggage handles, you must select luggage made for this purpose. Some factors to consider include:


Choose luggage with sturdy, padded handles that can support the weight of a loaded backpack. Standard retractable handles may not withstand the additional stress. Look for luggage marketed as “backpack-compatible.” Also, look for luggage with handles rated to hold 15-20 lbs or more.

Attachment Mechanism

Look for an attachment mechanism, like straps, clips or buckles, fixed to the luggage’s handles. It should securely fasten around your backpack straps. Straps that are adjustable, padded and include quick-release buckles are ideal for easy on and off. Avoid sharp edges to protect the backpack material.

Weight Distribution

For the best weight distribution, choose a backpack and luggage of comparable size and weight capacity. This will prevent the luggage from tipping over. As a general rule, the luggage should be able to hold at least as much as the loaded backpack. An oversized backpack on small luggage can make the luggage difficult to maneuver.

Trial Run

If possible, do a trial run with your packed luggage and loaded backpack before heading to the airport. Make necessary changes to ensure proper weight distribution. Securely fasten the backpack. Keep the luggage balanced and easy to navigate. With the right gear and a practice run, you can attach your backpack to luggage handles. This can make travel much more efficient.

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5 Steps for Attaching Your Backpack to the Luggage Handle

5 Steps for Attaching Your Backpack to the Luggage Handle

To attach your backpack to luggage handles for easier transport, follow these steps:

Gather The Necessary Equipment

You will need the following items:

  • Backpack with sturdy handle loops or straps
  • Luggage with retractable handle
  • Carabiners (optional)
  • Bungee cords or straps

Extend The Luggage Handle

Pull up the retractable handle on your luggage to its full, locked height. This provides the anchor point to which you will attach your backpack. External straps is also helpful.

Loop Straps Or Carabiners Through Backpack Handle

Thread the bungee straps or carabiners through the handle loops or straps on your backpack. For extra security, you may wish to loop the straps through the shoulder straps of the backpack as well. The straps should form loops on either side of the backpack handle.

Attach Straps To Luggage Handle

Loop the ends of the straps around the extended luggage handle. Connect the strap ends and pull firmly to secure the backpack in place. Adjust as needed so the backpack hangs evenly and snugly against the back of the luggage.

Check Attachment

Gently lift the luggage handle. This ensures the backpack is securely fastened and does not slide or shift. Make any final adjustments to the straps for optimal stability. Do this before heading to your destination.

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Attach Your Backpack to Luggage Handles Video


As you embark on your travels, being able to securely attach your backpack to your luggage handles provides peace of mind and convenience. The methods described will keep your backpack firmly fixed to your luggage. They remove the inconvenience of carrying multiple bags.

Your hands will be free to check your phone, hold travel documents, or grab a coffee. Most importantly, you’ll avoid the frustration of a slipping backpack strap. You will also reduce the risk of the backpack sliding off. This can happen when you make tight connections. It can also happen when you navigate crowded airport terminals and train stations. Using these techniques, your backpack and luggage become one. This streamlines your transit experience and lets you focus on enjoying your journey. Travel confidently knowing your bags will stick together every step of the way.

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