Are Power Banks Allowed In Hand Luggage?

As a digital nomad and frequent flyer, I understand the importance of staying connected and powered up on the go. Whether hiking in the Himalayas or busy city streets, a dependable power bank can save you.

 Sometimes, you might wonder if you can bring power banks in your hand luggage on the plane. I’ve dealt with this tricky question a lot of times in airports all over the world.

I want to share my experiences to help other travelers. They can avoid problems and keep their devices charged while reaching their destinations.

The good news is, yes, you can bring a portable charger in your carry-on. The key is making sure it meets specific requirements for size and capacity.

I’m here to share my knowledge and experience on power banks and hand luggage. Let’s go to start 

Understanding Power Banks and Airline Regulations

A power bank is a rechargeable battery that charges electronic devices. It is also called a portable charger or external battery. You can use it on the go. Most hold multiple charges for your phone or tablet.

Power banks must follow the same rules as other lithium batteries when you fly. They must be in your carry-on luggage and not in checked bags. 

It is for safety reasons, as the batteries could overheat in the cargo hold. Also, each power bank can be at most 100 watt hours (Wh) in capacity, roughly 27,000 mAh for most models. Anything more significant is prohibited in both carry-on and checked luggage.

Many airlines also limit you to two spare lithium batteries per passenger in a carry-on. So, if you’re bringing many power banks, check with your airline first. Storing power banks in plastic bags or sleeves is a good idea. It prevents the metal contacts from causing a fire.

I always recommend buying power banks from a reputable brand with high quality and safety standards. Make sure it has built-in overcharging and overheating protection for peace of mind. If your power bank shows any signs of damage or overheating, replace it immediately. Safety is the priority here!

Properly using a power bank ensures you stay charged on the go. Following regulations is necessary to avoid any hassle.

TSA Regulations on Power Banks in hand luggage

Are power banks allowed through airport security when your phone or tablet is low on battery?

The good news is that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the United States allows power banks under 100Wh in hand luggage.

TSA Regulations on Power Banks in hand luggage

 You must know that TSA Regulations bring power banks into your hand luggage.

  •  Make sure your portable charger has a capacity of 100Wh (27,000mAh) or less for carry-ons. Anything larger will need to go in checked baggage.
  • Your power bank must be properly encased or protected from accidental activation. We prohibit the use of unprotected cells or batteries.
  •  Remove your charger from your laptop or tablet before sending both through the X-ray machine. Power banks should go through separately from larger electronics.
  • Prepare to remove your portable charger from your bag for more screening. Just put it in the easy-to-access pocket so it can be scanned if needed.
  • Lithium ion batteries exceeding 300Wh are prohibited altogether. So stick to standard-size power banks for personal devices.
  •  Never pack a damaged or recalled power bank in your luggage. Only bring chargers that are in perfect working condition.

By following these rules, you should have no issues bringing your handy power bank for Charging Long Trips.

Are power banks allowed Power Bank on International Flights?

I have traveled all over the world. Sometimes, I bring portable chargers in Luggage. Different airlines and countries have additional regulations.

are power banks allowed Power Bank on International Flights

Check with your airline before packing a power bank in your carry-on. Most big airlines let you bring power banks in your carry-on bag if they follow specific rules.

  •  The power bank’s capacity cannot exceed 100Wh (27,000 mAh). Anything more significant will need to go in checked baggage.
  • As a reference, a typical 10,000 mAh power bank is 37Wh, so you have plenty of capacity to work with.
  • The power bank must be in your carry-on bag – it cannot be loose. It is for safety reasons, as loose batteries can overheat and pose a fire risk.
  • The power bank is for personal use. It charges devices like smartphones, tablets, and cameras. Any power banks intended for industrial use are prohibited.
  • The power bank must be protected and not damaged in case. Damaged or swollen batteries are not permitted.

Certain countries have extra rules. For example, they may ban power banks in carry-on bags or limit the amount you can bring. Check with the embassy website of any country you travel to to understand their rules fully.

A damaged or faulty power bank can pose a small fire or explosion risk like any electronic device. But, the risks are very low if you follow the guidelines and handle and charge your power bank. 

I’ve been traveling with various power banks for years and have never had an issue. So go ahead and pack that portable charger for travel – it will give you peace of mind knowing your devices won’t die mid-flight! But be sure to double-check those rules first.

How to Power Bank Packing in Hand Luggage

You can bring power banks, which are portable chargers or external batteries, in your hand luggage or checked baggage. Remember to follow some rules.

how to Power Bank Packing in Hand luggage

The most important thing is to ensure your power bank meets lithium-ion batteries’ size and capacity limits. Most major airlines allow up to a 100 Wh rating, equivalent to a 20,000 mAh power bank. Anything over 100 Wh will need to be in your checked bags. It’s a good idea to check with your specific airline for their latest guidelines.

When your power bank is within the size limits, please remove it from your carry-on during security screening. Include your other electronics. I always place my charger, laptop, tablet, and other devices in a separate bin for the X-ray machine. Some airports may ask you to turn the power bank on to verify it’s real, so ensure it has at least a partial charge.

When packing your power bank in your carry-on, please keep it in an easy-to-access pocket or pouch. Don’t bury it under layers of clothes or other items if security wants to look closer. I put all my charging cables, adapters, and portable chargers in a mesh bag. It helps me find them in my hand luggage.

Following these tips, you can bring your portable charger on your next flight. Staying powered up during a long trip or unexpected delay is worth the extra effort to do it right.

Tips for Safely Traveling With a Power Bank

Power banks can be tricky to travel with since they contain lithium-ion batteries. Here are some additional tips for safe and efficient use of your power bank while traveling:

1. Label your power bank

Clearly label your power bank with your name and contact information if it gets misplaced or lost during security screening. It makes it easy for officials to identify the owner and return the item.

2. Keep it in your Carry-on

Always pack your portable charger in your carry-on luggage, not in checked baggage. Keep lithium-ion batteries in the cabin, not cargo holds, to avoid overheating.

3. Choose a compact Size

Opt for a smaller power bank, ideally 10,000 mAh or less. A smaller charger will be included, but bigger power banks might cause security concerns.

4. Be prepared for Questions

Officials may inquire about your power bank, especially if it has a higher capacity. Prepare to clarify that it’s a common item for charging personal electronics. They may also ask you to turn it on to verify it’s functioning.

5. Follow the 100 Wh limit

Most power banks for phones and tablets are under the 100-watt-hour limit for carry-on luggage. But, higher-capacity laptop models may exceed this, so they must be packed in checked baggage. Check the specifications to be sure.

Following these tips and getting ready, you can feel confident traveling with your portable charger.


Technology is becoming more integrated into our daily lives, and having a way to charge devices while on the go is essential. 

Follow My first-hand experience and tips for traveling with a portable charger in hand luggage.

If you follow the rules and keep your power bank small, going through airport security will be easy. The rules may seem complicated, but it’s essential to follow them.

I love staying connected wherever I go. It keeps my mind active and lets me enjoy new adventures and experiences. I hope these tips help you do the same!

Let me know if you have any other questions about what to pack in your hand luggage. I would be happy to help.

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