Can You Wash a Michael Kors Purse – 10 Effective Tips

Learn how to keep the shine on your Michael Kors Purse with Dorothy’s ten expert tips for cleaning and maintaining it. Your expensive ornament needs to be taken very seriously. If you follow such tried-and-true steps, it will keep its perfect beauty for years to come.

Hi, I’m Dorothy E. Turner. Today, I will share with you my experience and research on how to clear the Michael Course.

This guide should help you take care of your precious Michael Kors purse in every way, from figuring out what kind of material it is to getting rid of tough spots and straps. Every detail is carefully looked at, whether it’s simple things like dusting or using things like white vinegar and olive oil that are found around the house.

Find out how to keep your Michael Kors bag stain-free at home so the quality doesn’t suffer. I’ll teach you whip repair and spot cleaning, keep the inside as clean as the outside, and then give you all the necessary information.

Let’s begin the process of keeping your Michael Kors bag safe together. Your favorite item will last for years if you know how to clean it properly and keep it in good shape.

10 Effective Tips to Clean a Michael Kors Purse

10 Effective Tips to Clean a Michael Kors Purse

Identify the Material

Understanding the material of your Michael Kors purse is crucial for proper care. Leather purses, for instance, require conditioning and careful handling to maintain their sheen and texture. On the other hand, fabric purses demand gentler cleaning to avoid damage to the fibers.

Here are some materials needed to Clean a Michael Kors Purse.

  • Mild Soap
  • White Vinegar
  • Olive Oil
  • Soft Clothes or Sponges
  • Soft Bristled Brush
  • Leather Conditioner
  • Spot Test Materials

Spot Testing

While you’re not actively cleaning your (shoulder trap on) purse, doing a spot test is an excellent way to make sure that no damage will happen. To do this easy test, just put a little of the chosen cleaning solution on an area that won’t be seen to ensure it doesn’t damage the material.

Spot testing for your Michael Kors purse involves these simple steps:

  1. Pick a Hidden Spot: Choose a small, less noticeable area on the purse, like the inside or the underside.
  2. Apply a Bit of Cleaner: Put a tiny amount of the cleaning solution on a soft cloth and dab it gently on that spot.
  3. Wait and Watch: Let it sit for a few minutes, around 5-10, and monitor any changes like color or damage.
  4. Blot and Check: Use a dry cloth to remove the cleaner gently. Look for any changes in the material, like color differences or damage.
  5. Check for Residue: Make sure no residue or harm remains. If the spot looks okay, it’s likely safe for the whole purse (should I own it).

Regular Dusting

Routine upkeep, like using a soft cloth or brush to dust the outside regularly, helps keep dirt from building up. Doing this easy thing keeps the bag looking clean and well-kept.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning should be done regularly to eliminate dirt that gets embedded over time. Depending on the material of the bag, you should use different methods. A light soap and water solution might work well on leather, but cloth bags need more gentle cleaners.

Use White Vinegar

Diluting white vinegar makes it a valuable and effective cleaner. It works well to clean some things when used on them. But it’s essential to follow the directions for diluting it and not to use it on fur or other materials that might be sensitive to its acidity.

Use Olive Oil

Leather wallets stay soft and shiny with the help of olive oil, which conditions the leather. To keep the bag from getting sticky, use it minimally and evenly.

Rub the Damp Cloth Over the Entire Surface

Using a wet cloth to clean the whole bag will ensure the cleaning is even and complete. It’s important to cover everything and give each part the same care without damaging the material.

Use a Cleaning Brush

Using a special cleaning brush as a habit is a good idea. But, picking the right brush for the material is essential to keep the bag from getting worn down or damaged.

Regular Maintenance

It would help if you stuck to regular care habits to keep a Michael Kors bag in good shape. Setting up a standard cleaning plan based on how often it is used is highly suggested for maintaining its quality.

Hang the Bag Up to Dry

To keep the material from getting damaged, it’s essential to dry it properly after cleaning. If you hang the bag in a place with good airflow, it will dry entirely without being in direct sunlight or near heat sources, which could warp the material.

Next, I’ll tall you how to fix the leather strap on a Michael Kors bag.

Michael Kors Leather Strap Repair

Michael Kors Leather Strap Repair

How you fix a Michael Kors leather bag strap depends on the damage. You can do the following fixes yourself for minor problems:

  1. First, use a leather patch kit to put a thin layer of leather conditioner or glue on the torn ends for minor fraying. Before using the bag again, let it dry all the way through.
  2. Secondly, Use a leather filling or fixing substance to cover the damage for small cracks or holes. After it has dried and become hard, sand it smooth and color it with leather dye to match the bag.
  3. Finally, for loose stitching, Restitch the open parts using a leather needle and thread the same color as the bag to fix the stitches. For a strong fix that will last, use a saddle stitch.

You should take the bag to a leather repair shop when the damage worsens. They are skilled and have the right tools to do more complicated fixes, like changing the whole strap or bringing back the leather’s finish.

How to Clean Stains on a Michael Kors Purse

Different stains require different treatments. For instance, ink stains may be removed using rubbing alcohol, while grease stains might need talcum powder. Understanding the type of stain and employing the appropriate removal technique is crucial. Consulting a professional cleaner may be necessary for more stubborn or older stains.

Now, I’ve discovered the secret to keeping my Michael Kors bag pristine.

How to Clean a Michael Kors Purse at Home

Here are the steps on how to clean a Michael Kors purse at home:

Gather your supplies:

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Mild soap or leather cleaner
  • Water
  • Soft brush
  • Conditioner (optional)


  1. Get rid of any loose dirt or things that are in your bag.
  2. Put a microfiber cloth in cold water and squeeze it out until damp.
  3. Use the wet cloth to clean the whole bag, paying extra attention to any dirty or damaged spots.
  4. Any dirt or spots that won’t come from a leather bag can be cleaned with light soap or leather cleaner. Use a cotton cloth to wipe the area with a small amount of cleaner or soap.
  5. Clean the whole bag with a microfiber cloth, then dry it with another clean one.
  6. If your bag is made of leather, you can use a conditioner to keep it from cracking and drying out. Use a soft brush and a small amount of conditioner to work the conditioner into the leather in a circle. Use a clean microfiber cloth to buff off any extra conditioner.

Video On How to Clean a Michael Kors Purse at Home

Here, I’ll answer some often-asked questions about cleaning your Michael Kors handbag.

FAQs On Can You Wash a Michael Kors Purse

Is it okay to wash my purse in the washer?

When cleaning bags, costly ones, you shouldn’t use a washing machine. The spinning and water contact can damage the material and structure of the bag in a way that can’t be fixed. Cleaning by hand and doing light repairs are the best ways.

Can You Clean a High-End Bag?

Different types of luxury bags need different ways to be cleaned. Some bags, especially high-end luxury bags like Michael Kors, can be cleaned gently, but others require special care to keep their quality. Always look at the directions that came with the product for exact steps.

What is the best way to clean the inside of a pricey purse?

To clean the inside, you can use a soft brush or a hoover with gentle suction to remove dust and other things inside. You should wash individual spots with a light soap and water for tougher stains. Mild soap and water on a soft cloth can clean fabric-lined surfaces.

What is the best way to clean a fabric designer purse?

Designer fabric bags need to be handled with care. You can remove spots with a soft brush, light soap, or gentle detergent. But always do what the maker says to keep the cloth from getting damaged. For callous spots, you should get someone to clean them for you.

Final Advice

The critical points for cleaning a Michael Kors purse are as follows:

  1. Know Your Material: Understand if your purse is leather or fabric; they need different care.
  2. Test Before Cleaning: First, try the cleaner on a hidden spot to be safe.
  3. Dust Often: Wipe the purse regularly to keep it clean.
  4. Deep Clean When Needed: Sometimes dirt gets stuck—clean it deeply, using gentle methods for your purse’s material.
  5. Vinegar and Oil Tricks: Vinegar diluted in water can clean, and a bit of olive oil conditions leather.
  6. Be Gentle: Use a soft brush and take care while cleaning.
  7. Regular TLC: Make a cleaning routine based on how much you use the (color change leather) purse.
  8. Dry Well: After cleaning, let it dry in a breezy spot, avoiding direct sun or heat.
  9. Fixing Straps: Small issues can be patched up, but more significant problems might need a pro’s help.
  10. Stain Solutions: Different stains need different treatments; older or tough stains might need a pro’s touch.
  11. Home Cleaning Steps: Use mild soap, water, a soft brush, and maybe conditioner for leather.

Finally, It is essential to keep your Michael Kors purse looking great. I have made a unique guide for you, which is very helpful. Be careful and wash it by hand, especially if it’s a fancy designer bag. Please don’t put it in the washing machine to keep it safe. If you take good care of it often, your Michael Kors purse will look fantastic for a long time, showing how much you care about it. If you have any questions, please comment below.

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