How To Open Old VIP Suitcase Lock Without Key

Losing the key to your VIP suitcase can be a major inconvenience, especially if you need to access its contents urgently, especially if it is old. But don’t worry; This guide will share my four proven methods to open an old VIP suitcase.

I love to travel and have faced many challenges, like lost luggage and missed flights. But one particular problem is dealing with an old VIP suitcase lock without a key. These locks can be tricky to open, mainly if unused for years.

I’ve tried various methods to open these stubborn locks, and I’m here to share my experiences with you. Whether you travel a lot or not, this guide will help you unlock your suitcase without causing any damage.  Lets go to start 

How to unlock old VIP suitcase lock without key (4 Methods)

These vintage VIP locks can be frustrating when the key goes missing. Here, I’ve discovered four proof methods to unlock these locks without causing damage. Let me share my experiences and hopefully save you the hassle.

How to unlock old VIP suitcase lock without key ( 4 Methods)

First, try lubricating the lock mechanism. Apply a few drops of WD-40 or similar oil around the keyhole and try turning the lock a few times. The lubricant helps remove rust and grime so the lock can open easily.

If that doesn’t work, try using a sturdy flathead screwdriver. Gently insert the screwdriver into the keyhole at an angle and turn slowly. Apply firm and consistent pressure as you ride. Be very careful not to break the lock. With patience, the lock should pop open.

You can use a pair of pliers to turn the lock mechanism as a last resort. Grip the lock face firmly and turn counterclockwise. Again, go slowly and be extremely careful not to damage the lock. Apply even pressure, and the safety should turn and open.

Let’s learn four essential methods to unlock an old VIP suitcase without a key.

Method 1: Utilizing the Humble Paperclip

As an avid traveler, I have encountered various problems with my suitcase. One of the most frustrating is dealing with an old VIP suitcase lock without a key. These vintage locks can be tricky to open, mainly if they last used years ago.

Utilizing the Humble Paperclip

Over time, I’ve tried various methods to unlock these stubborn locks, and I want to share what’s worked for me. The first approach I always try is using a humble paperclip. Here are the steps:

1. Straighten out the paperclip into a firm rod. It needs to be stiff enough to move around in the lock.

2. Locate the lock mechanism inside the zipper pull tab. Wiggle the zipper or gently pry open the account to see inside. Look for the part that slides into the lock.

3. Gently insert the paperclip into the hole in the lock mechanism. Maneuver it around carefully until you feel it slide into the lock grooves.

4. apply pressure and slide the paperclip up and down from side to side until the lock pops open. It can take some patience, so don’t get frustrated.

5. Once you feel the lock open, remove the paperclip and test the zipper to ensure it’s unlocked. Success!

Using essential tools like paperclips has helped me avoid many sticky luggage situations. With some patience and practice, you’ll be unlocking that vintage VIP suitcase lock in no time and gaining access to your belongings. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Method 2: Bobby Pin or Ballpoint Pen to the Rescue

When I faced an old, locked VIP suitcase without a key, I knew I had some work ahead of me. But, after trying a few methods, I found success using some essential tools I had on hand.

Bobby Pin or Ballpoint Pen to the Rescue

Bobby Pin or Ballpoint Pen

I first tried using a bobby pin or ballpoint pen to unlock the lock. This method works on many old suitcase locks, especially those with a simple spring mechanism.

1. Locate the lock opening and insert your bobby pin or pen into the hole. Feel around for the latch or spring that holds the lock in place.

2. Gently push or lift the latch while applying light pressure to the lock shackle to release it. You may have to maneuver the tool around to find the right angle. Be very careful not to break the lock or your instrument.

3. Once you’ve released the spring or latch, the shackle should pop up, unlocking the lock.

This simple trick has saved me more than once when dealing with an old locked suitcase. But if your particular lock requires something else, don’t fret. 

There are still a couple of other options to try before giving up. You can unlock that old lock and get your things with patience and the proper technique.

 Stay tuned for more tips to unlock that old suitcase without a key!

Method 3: Zipper Slider as a Key Substitute

The Zipper Slider method requires some patience but has worked for me and others in a bind. Here’s how I did it:

Zipper Slider as a Key Substitute

1. Locate the zipper slider, the zipper part that moves up and down. On VIP suitcases, it’s usually a sturdy metal piece.

2. Grasp the zipper slider firmly with pliers or vise grips. You want a tight grip so it can apply adequate pressure.

3. Insert the end of the zipper slider into the lock opening. You may have to wiggle and jiggle it around to get in.

4. Apply firm and steady pressure while moving the zipper slider inside the lock. Work it back and forth, up and down. You’re trying to catch the locking mechanism inside to trip it open.

5. Listen for the lock to click open. It can take several minutes of maneuvering to get it just right. Be patient and keep applying pressure.

6. Once you hear the click, turn the lock dial or slide to open the lock entirely. Your suitcase should now open!

Method 4: Luggage Lock Shim – A Specialized Solution 

Luggage Lock Shim – A Specialized Solution

I’ve tried many ways to open my old VIP suitcase lock without a key, and the luggage lock shim has been my most effective solution. A shim is a thin piece of metal that slides between the lock bolt and the suitcase frame, releasing the lock. You can find shims online or at a locksmith shop.

To use a shim, first locate the bolt that extends from the lock into the suitcase frame. The bolt is what locks the suitcase shut. Carefully slide the shim between the bolt and the frame, working slowly up and down. You want to slide the shim in as far as possible. Once the shim is in place, slide it horizontally to push the bolt back into the lock housing. It will unlock the suitcase, allowing you to open it.

Be careful using this method; you can damage the lock or suitcase if too much force is applied. Go slowly and slide the shim in at an angle. Lubricating the shim can also help it slide in more easily. Shims designed explicitly for opening luggage locks, called lockout shims or lockout tools, tend to work the best since they are correctly sized and shaped for most waves.

This method has repeatedly opened old locks on my acquired vintage suitcases. While it does take some patience and a steady hand, a luggage lock shim can save you from having to force open or cut off an old lock. Give it a try. You may gain access to your suitcase and be able to use the lock again in the future!

Prevention Tips-Preventing Future Lockout Frustrations

Throughout the years, I’ve tried many ways to open these problematic locks. Now, I want to share what I’ve discovered. The first thing to try is lubricating the lock with a dry lubricant like graphite powder. Put the powder on the safety seam and keyhole. Then, try turning the dials or using the key again. The oil can help loosen up the internal mechanisms.

If that doesn’t work, use a pair of pliers or a wrench to apply pressure and turn the lock dials or key. Be very careful not to break the lock. Applying controlled stress and tension in the right direction sometimes does the trick.

As a last resort, you may need to drill through the back of the lock. Carefully drill through the lock cylinder to avoid damaging your suitcase. Once prepared, the lock should pop right open. If other options fail and you can’t access your luggage, this method may damage the briefcase.

To prevent getting locked out, replace old or stuck suitcase locks before your next trip. It’s also a good idea to keep spare keys on hand if one goes missing. Following these tips can save time and avoid trouble, making your travel smoother.


So, You can open an old VIP suitcase without a key using the tips I gave you. It is a very effective method to open your old VIP suitcase lock. These tricks have helped me out of jams many times.

At least one of these approaches works for you and saves you the frustration of dealing with lost keys or forgotten combinations. Traveling should be an enjoyable experience, and no old lock should stand in your way.

 If all else fails, you can always call a locksmith, but why not give these DIY methods a shot first? You have nothing to lose and a suitcase full of belongings to gain access to. 

These methods help you unlock your vintage suitcase lock and get you on your way. Let me know if you have any other questions! Safe travels!

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