How to Charge USB Ports on Different Luggage Brands

In this digital age, staying connected is essential, even when you’re on the move. Many new luggage brands have added USB ports so travelers can charge devices on the move. Using USB ports effectively can be challenging at times. This guide will show you how to charge USB ports on different luggage brands. You’ll stay powered up on your journey. 

First, we’ll discuss why USB Charging Ports Are Important in Luggage.

Deep Understanding the Importance of USB Charging in Luggage

Understanding the Importance of USB Charging in Luggage

The Convenience Factor 

When people travel, they often have to charge their phones, tablets, and other devices. A USB port on your luggage can save the day by offering a convenient power source.

Stay Productive While Traveling 

Business travelers can charge their laptops or tablets from their luggage. This way, they don’t have to stress about their battery running out.

Emergency Situations 

In emergencies, access to a charged device can be a lifeline. Luggage with USB ports ensures you can call for help or navigate unfamiliar places when you need it most.

We have talked on Battery Pack For Luggage Usb Port in another post.

Next, we’ll talk about brands of luggage that offer USB charging.

Luggage Brands Offering USB Charging


Samsonite is a popular luggage brand. They have suitcases with USB ports built-in. These suitcases are designed for modern travelers who focus on convenience.


Away’s luggage collection includes models with integrated USB ports. Their stylish and functional designs make them a popular choice among frequent travelers.


Travelpro is a trusted brand in travel, and their luggage often has USB charging options. This makes it a popular choice for professionals.


Tumi is known for luxury travel. They also make luggage with USB ports that are stylish and functional.

How to Charge USB Ports on Your Luggage is the next topic.

How to Charge USB Ports on Your Luggage

Check The Power Source 

Before you charge it, make sure your luggage has a power source. Usually, the power source is near the handle or inside the luggage.

Connect Your Device 

Use a compatible charging cable to connect your device to the USB port on your luggage.

Power On 

Turn on the power source on your luggage, and your device will start charging.

Charging Time

The time it takes to charge depends on the capacity of your luggage and the device.

Next, we’ll talk about 3 Tips for Efficient Charging.

3 Tips for Effective Charging

Use A High-Quality Cable 

Get a strong, good charging cable to charge your device without any issues.

Charge Before You Need It 

Charge your devices when you can plug them in to stay powered up while traveling.

Keep An Eye On Battery Levels 

Monitor your device’s battery level to ensure you have enough power to last your journey.

3 Tips for Effective Charging
3 Tips for Effective Charging

Now, we’ll discuss frequently asked questions.


How Do You Charge A USB Suitcase?

To charge a USB suitcase, first find the USB port. It’s usually near the handle or inside the suitcase. Once you’ve found the port, simply use a compatible charging cable to connect your device to it. After that, turn on the power source located on the suitcase, and your device will begin charging. This feature is handy for travelers. It keeps your devices charged while you travel.

Are Suitcases With USB ports Allowed?

Yes, suitcases equipped with USB ports are generally permitted for air travel. But, it’s best to check the airline’s policies, as rules can differ. Also, check that your luggage’s power bank or battery follows the airline’s safety and size rules. This will prevent problems with security. Most suitcases can charge your devices while you travel, which is very useful.

How Do You Use A USB Charging Port On A Bag?

Using a USB charging port on a bag is a straightforward process. Start by locating the USB port on your bag, commonly found near the straps or on the bag’s side. Once you’ve located it, connect your device using a compatible charging cable. Just turn on the bag’s power source to start charging, and your device will charge immediately. This feature is helpful for people who want to charge their devices without a wall outlet.

How Do You Charge A Travelpro Suitcase?

To charge a Travelpro suitcase with a USB port, follow the same steps as any other USB suitcase. To start, find the USB port. It’s usually by the suitcase handle. Next, connect your device to the USB port using a suitable charging cable. To begin charging your device, switch on the power from the suitcase. Travelpro suitcases are known for their quality and functionality. They make it easy for travelers to keep their devices powered while moving.

Next, we’ll talk about the final phase.


Charging USB ports on various luggage brands is easy and makes traveling better. No matter where you go, you can stay connected by following our guide and tips.

Keep in mind that modern luggage brands are made to be convenient for you. Using their USB ports is a valuable feature for travelers. We hope you have fully gone through how to charge USB ports on different luggage brands in this post.

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