How To Reset Tzowla Backpack Lock – 5 Lock Reset Instructions

Your bag is more than just a place to store things; it’s like a guardian, ensuring everything stays safe. Tzowla and Wenig’s bags have combo locks to make them even safer. But there may be times when you need to Reset Tzowla Backpack Lock for your safety to make it safer or more straightforward to use.

This guide will explain how to change Tzowla and Wenig backpack locks. This will give you the knowledge and courage to keep your things safe while traveling and doing everyday things.

First, we’ll look at five Different Ways to Unlock Your Tzowla Backpack.

How To Reset The Tzowla Backpack Lock (5 Methods)

The locks on Tzowla bags are known to be solid and long-lasting, but sometimes you need to change the code for different reasons. So that your Tzowla bag lock works again, do these steps:

Open the Lock: To start, you need to open the lock. It is essential to make sure that the safety is not locked.

Find the Small Button: On the side of the lock case, there is a small button that you can press to restart the lock. It is generally not noticeable and is easy to get to.

Press and Hold the Button: Press and hold the reset button with a pen or something small. Hold it down during the whole (luggage) reset process.

Set the Dials to Your New Combination: Press the reset button and turn the dials to the new combination you want. Pick a type that is simple to remember but hard for others to figure out.

Release the Button: When you’re done setting the new sequence, let go of the reset button. This will save the unique password, making your Tzowla bag lock work again.

After that, we’ll know how to unlock a Tzowla backpack (bear grylls use) properly.

Tzowla Backpack Lock And Unlocking The Right Way

Tzowla Backpack Lock And Unlocking The Right Way

Simple steps are all it takes to lock and open your Tzowla backpack (strap to luggage):


  1. Ensure the zipper pulls are lined up for the lock to close correctly. This angle is critical for the safety to work right.
  2. The lock clip needs to be put into the zipper pulls. To keep your bag safe, the link should fit tightly.
  3. Set the knobs to the mix you want. The one you set during the reset process should be this one.
  4. To lock the Tzowla bag lock, press down on the working part that locks it. Ensure it’s firmly locked so no one else can get in.


  1. Set the knobs to the correct number. This should be the exact combo you set when you first reset the thing.
  2. To open the Tzowla bag lock, press down on the closing device. After letting go of the wave, you can take the safety shackle off the zipper pulls.

The Wenig Backpack Lock Reset Procedure is Now Familiar to You.

How To Reset The Wenig Backpack Lock

How To Reset The Wenig Backpack Lock

Wenig bags also have combination locks that are easy to change. For the Wenig bag lock to work again, do this:

  • Press the “000” key on the combination dial.
  • To use the wave, press the small button on its side.
  • Set the combination dial to the number you want while pressing the button.
  • Release the button.
  • Your choice is now set.

To open the lock, set the combination key to the number you want and pull the handle. There may be a slightly different way to change some Wenig bag locks. If you need help resetting your safety, please look at the directions that came with it.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) about Resetting (travel luggage lock) Your Tzowla Backpack’s Lock.

FAQs On How To Reset Tzowla Backpack Lock

How Do I Change The Password For My Bag?

How you change your bag password will depend on what kind of bag you have and what brand it is. But most bags are made in the same way:

  • Find the button on your bag that says “Reset.” This is usually a tiny hole or control hidden on the load, like under the zipper pull or the flap.
  • Use a paperclip or some other thin item to press and hold the reset button for a few seconds.
  • For the new password, press and hold the reset button.
  • Let go of the reset button.
  • The new password for you is now set.

If you need help changing your bag password, please look at the directions that came with it.

How Do I Get Into The Tsa Lock By Default?

Most locks the TSA allows have 0-0-0 as the initial PIN. But it’s essential to check the manufacturer’s directions. Or the paperwork with your backpack (dry in rain collage) to find the exact default combo.

How Do I Get Into A Lock With A Three-Digit Combination?

If you have a 3-digit combination lock, turn the buttons to the correct number, press down on the locking device to free it, and then open your bag. Make sure you use the valid code to open the door.

How Do I Get Into A TSA Lock 007?

You can open a TSA lock with the code 007 by turning the knobs to 0–7 or the number you chose. Once you’ve found the correct code, press down on the locking device to get your bag out.

Video On Reset Backpack Lock

Last Advice

To keep your things safe, you must ensure your backpack is closed. It is helpful to know how to change the lock on your bag. It’s easy whether you have a Tzowla or a Wenig bag.

Pick a number that is safe and simple to remember. As often as possible, it would help if you changed your mix. Put your mixture somewhere safe where you won’t lose it. Please don’t tell anyone else about it, and write it down somewhere safe, just in case.

You can confidently change your Tzowla or Wenig backpack lock if you follow the steps we’ve given you. You can keep your backpack safe this way and feel safe when you’re out and about, whether going about your daily life or traveling.

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