How To Wash A North Face Backpack – Updated 2023!

Your North Face backpack has been by your side in mountains and cities, through thick and thin. It’s time to give it some love.

This guide will show you How To Wash A North Face Backpack. We’ll cover all the steps to make it look new without harming it.

Let’s begin this journey to keep your North Face backpack ready for more adventures.

How do you clean your North Face backpack?

The North Face backpack makes a great investment. But like any expensive piece of gear, it needs constant care and maintenance. There are general tips you can follow to wash it.

Before you can wash the backpack, you need to take the straps off the backpack, the zippers off the pockets, and the straps off the backpack. With these parts that can be taken off, you can wash each part of the backpack.

Never soak the North Face backpack in water, as water can seep in the seams and damage the backpack. To wash your backpack, use a washing machine and the gentle cycle. Add 4 to 5 ounces of detergent.

If there are stains on the backpack, remove them before washing. Use a wet sponge to remove the stains, using a very gentle approach, and rinse the backpack with clean water afterwards.

To dry your backpack, place it in a dryer. Allow it to dry completely before storing it.

How do you clean your North Face backpack when it’s dirty?

First, remove your clothes, clean the backpack, and hang it up to dry. Once it is dry, then you can put the clothes back in.

If you have stains on your backpack, you can take it to your local North Face store, and they will help you clean it. This is sometimes cheaper than buying a new one.

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How to clean your North Face backpack when it’s wet

The North Face brand is known for making high-quality outdoor equipment that you can bring on any adventure. When that piece of equipment gets dirty or wet, you want to make sure you wash it to keep it in good condition.

Wash the North Face backpack as soon as you get home. It’s best to hand-wash your backpack, but you can also put it in a washing machine if you have any special instructions from the manufacturer.

Fill a large, sturdy bucket with warm water and mild detergent. Place one cup of shampoo in the bucket along with a quarter cup of baking soda.

Open up the backpack and lay it flat on a flat surface. begin to agitate the backpack to loosen the dirt. Avoid scrubbing the backpack, as it can damage the tough materials.

Start from the top of the backpack and work your way to the bottom. Pour the soapy water into the backpack and rinse with hot water. Repeat the process several times, allowing your backpack to soak in the soapy water.

Dry your backpack in the dryer. Use low heat or hang the backpack to dry. Do not dry your backpack with a hair dryer, which can damage the material.

How do you clean your North Face backpack when dirty and wet?

If you’ve worn a wet backpack while hiking, chances are that it has some dirt, sweat, and spills on it. This is a common problem with backpacks, especially North Face backpacks. You’d think waterproofing would make them waterproof, but water can seep through the shoulder straps and zippers.

The good news is that you can wash a North Face backpack, and it’s pretty easy.

First, you’ll want to remove all the items from the backpack. You’ll likely only need to remove the shoulder straps from the backpack, but it may be a good idea to empty it out completely. Wash the various parts of the backpack, then hang it to dry.

You’ll need to wash the backpack’s zippers, straps, and other parts. Since zippers and straps tend to be made out of nylon, they’re the easiest to wash. Use a laundry brush or toothbrush to scrub the zippers and straps. You can spray the dirty areas with a fabric cleaner if needed.

How to clean your North Face backpack when it’s dirty, wet, and full of sand?

A North Face backpack can be used for many different purposes. You can use your backpack to carry sports equipment, books, and food.

A backpack is a very convenient piece of luggage because it’s easy to move around. When a backpack gets dirty, knowing how to clean it is essential to get it back into proper shape is essential.

Here’s how to clean your North Face backpack

Here’s how to clean your North Face backpack:

  • 1. Remove the straps and any pockets.
  • 2. Remove any items from your backpack.
  • 3. Fill a bucket with warm, soapy water.
  • 4. Soak all removable backpack parts in soapy water.
  • 5. Scrub all removable parts clean with a sponge or brush.


To keep your North Face backpack clean for your next adventure, follow these simple steps. Taking care of your trusted companion preserves their memories and durability. A little effort goes a long way. Take the time to care for it; it will be there for your future adventures. We hope you understand on How To Wash A North Face Backpack. Happy travels!

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